Song Heroes Music PR

Promoting Silent Machines, Griff, Auramancer, and Talented music acts.
Getting Music to where YOU want it to go. We deal with mass radio stations,TV, magazines, record labels/publishers and music social media without expensive PR fees.

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  1. Silent Machines
    Silent Machines
    Welcome to successful rock act Silent Machines by Liam Golder. Currently selling music via Itunes and all top online stores with Sing Warrior Records - EP 'Radical Souvenirs' htpps:// souvenirs
  2. Song Heroes Music PR
    Song Heroes Music PR
    Song Heroes Music was set up to support a selection of acts with different music/instrumentals included by promotion to radio, media, gigs, and other PR platforms such as youtube, soundcloud, facebook, and twitter. Music and radio packages from £99 to £160.
  3.  Breaking the Barriers
    Breaking the Barriers
    The Independent Management has been introduced to support the Music PR excel to a greater level within todays competitive and exciting Music Industry. It works by promoting various music, 80's, Hip hop, rock, and all genres by getting results on a massive level.
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