Our Reputation Is Your Success 

Effective PR can massively rise your music please get in touch for more details

  1. Radio PR Service
    Getting your music on radio up to 500-1000 possible stations can only be of benefit and drive you earning royalties on FM, Community, and other stations.
  2. Radio Play and interviews
    Regular feedback from DJ's and Station Managers and out to potentially millions of listeners. Also the chance to get interviews on the radio for selected acts.
  3. Music TV Exposure
    Promotion to TV Stations 30 + stations and exposure on Films plus for music licensing purposes avoiding the sharks and start you earning money.
  4. Record Label/Publishing
    Go for Gold by getting pitched to Record Labels or Publishers that would need you music from a big list of over 1500 contacts.
  5. Song Production
    If you need guitar added to your track or music I can point you in the right direction- Only working with a limited amount of acts.
  6. Song Writing Services
    For limited people can write or pitch a song or existing track for most occasions or topics. Or put words to your music [vice versa too] as another option.
  7. Review Exposure
    Give your music some huge publicity and exposure with over 1000 potential reviews on your music from a big selection of reviewers and editors.
  8. Music Social Media [Band Brands]
    If you want to get your music out in a big way to youtube, vevo, soundcloud, twitter, facebook these are all areas/options can build on.