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Ambitiously getting Music to where YOU want it to go. We deal with mass radio stations,TV, magazines, record labels/publishers and building music social media plus MORE without expensive PR fees or false promises. We do not Manage bands at this present time. Radio Interviews available for the right acts.

'Fear can hold you back as a Musician but don't be afraid to dance into the light or no-one will know your there'

Silent Machines/Liam Golder Airtight song and video out  out to 1000+ TV stations in the US with Fox TV, Fox Sport, Food Channel, CNN, Discovery Channel and much more. Also working with Connected TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.
Track Oblivion out to 2000+ TV stations.

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Every Time We Meet Silent Machines
Need You Now Liam Golder
Airtight Silent Machines

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Pleasure Treatment Silent Machines
Problems For Progress Liam Golder
Song Planet Silent Machines

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Silent Machines
Liam Golder

A Record label currently looking to give acts studio time at either of two studios and music video help at no cost to the act as it should be.
Song Heroes has had 2 acts in the I-tunes Charts this year and one act in the Universal Spotify Chart via a Record label we help out. We also work with a studio in England, Finland, America and Amsterdam.

Working with kingly T and his song with Talented Singer Tryra Juliette she has recently worked with Ed Sheeran and Jeoff Lynne/ELO At the 57 Grammy Awards. Also credited by Rita Ora and Steve Tyler of Aerosmith and Bon Jovi.

Warm welcome to Miro from Warner Music, Dan Birch Singer for Awal Music, also Lion's Den from Korea. Hilary P from the 02 Academy Birmingham, Pepe Ortega winner of 3 international Grammys,  who has worked with international artists like, Massive Attack, and Nine Inch Nails.
Getting help from Mitch Horner Producer/Manager for Bryan Adams and Chicane and work on our Sound Souls project with some Production ideas from Hit DJ Nicky Romero and pre-orders of 20,000+ songs for single Sound Souls/Liam Golder- 'Never Never Die'. 

We help the Global Songwriting network songwriting workshops run by Jud Friedman who has sold over 65 million records songwriter for Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, and many other top acts get in touch for all details in taking part. Song writing workshops are in America, Canada, and London UK. Also working with Dee J'ames Sony Music/BMG and with her new record in the future featuring Jud Friedman on piano.


Happy Freuds the highly acclaimed new Swedish Rock Band from Javea are pleased to announce that via Rights Asset Management from London that a global distribution deal has been agreed with Warner Music Group for global release of their new Album, namely Echoes of  Sounds.
 Following the release of the Album over the next quarter Warner Music will also launch the merchandising & also invoke key Tour Dates for the band in the UK, Germany & the USA. As part of the launch of the Album the band will carry out selective interviews with Music Week, Billboard, GZ, Sunday Times culture section, Dazed & Confused & The Daily Express publications.
 Given the band will now embark on their ambitions to become a global brand we can offer you last & possible final opportunities to book Happy Freuds before they embark on overseas tours where their time will be very limited.
 ·  Global release via Warner Music Group International in 257 territories digitally on Friday 31st May 2019.
·  Interviews in first 2 weeks of June in Music Week & Bill board trade press. Followed in July with GQ & Dazed & Confused magazines.
·  Tour dates being confirmed in Key Rock Music Festivals in the UK & Germany from end of June to promote the Warner release of the Album. There will be 8 dates in the UK & 10 in Germany for the months of July & August.

Song Heroes has over 270+ gig venues and booking agents for London paid venues, and the UK, Ireland, Norway, Hungary, Prague, Finland, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Sweden, USA and Worldwide. 

Now working alongside a company in Norway building mass Spotify sales in the 1000's across USA, UK, and Germany. 

We can only work with limited acts that display raw talent, hardwork, loyalty, consistancy, and a positive attitude we do not offer Management to bands only promotion to the right acts with a great attitude and talent plus high ambition like us. 

Email: [email protected] Tel: UK 07715214881

  1. Silent Machines
    Silent Machines
    Welcome to successful rock act Silent Machines by Liam Golder. Currently selling music via this site and with New E,P due out ' Rising Above The Storms' also singles available including new song Be Real, and more.
  2. Song Heroes Music PR
    Song Heroes Music PR
    Song Heroes Music was set up to support a selection of acts with different music/instrumentals included by promotion to radio, tv, labels, media, gigs, and other PR platforms such as youtube, soundcloud, facebook, and twitter. Music and radio packages.
  3.  Breaking the Barriers
    Breaking the Barriers
    The Independent Management has been introduced to support the Music PR excel to a greater level within todays competitive and exciting Music Industry. It works by promoting various music, 80's, Hip hop, Solo artists, and all genres by getting results on a massive level.
We Take Your Music To Better Places

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We have had music on XFM, BBC Introducing, Radio 1, but alot of play covers UK, USA, Australia, France, Italy, Brazil, Finland, Norway, Germany and much more on FM and regional stations, internet, and general radio stations across the World. We will not promise something we cannot deliver.

NUA RADIO SHOW: Part of 40 stations my contact plays the show across all stations.

Liam Golder- Biography Man Vs Music

Golder set out to reach and inspire MILLIONS of people with his music. He managed to do that due to learning how to market music across radio and TV plus much more.

Aged 16 and leaving School he decided to take up music and put his songs out to the radio and TV. His first music job experience was at EMI sitting there with the director of EMI 'He said right your job is quite boring it is to look David Bowie for example and make sure he gets his royalties'. Liam got offered some studio work in London The Prodigy, and The Foo Fighters, plus band Ash often came to the studio.
Aged 18 his first released tracks were taken on by Sony Music distribution/the Orchard
all 16 of them and 2000+ copies and via HMV online, Virgin megastores, Sainsburys, and Tesco were sold initially before being sold in 14 Countries and still selling today- this also landed Golder 5 tracks in the ITunes charts and a number 1 position with song 'Out Of Love. His first radio experience was with BBC radio after approaching the DJ's with a demo copy. Within 10 minutes he was being interviewed and went out to over 30,000 people. This was just the start of bigger things to come as he went onto become the biggest played new radio act in America and was no 4 in the American charts with track 'Airtight'. He wrote a track 'Crash or Burn' that later hit the number 1 spot in the Overplay indie charts. 
Liam met lead singer of the Herman's Hermits Rick Levy and wrote a song with him 'My Saturday Girl' singing down the phone to him the song on there first phone conversation. Rick also manages 'The Box Tops' who had a number 1 hit. Liam went on to build up over 200 music contacts in Hollywood and America including contact via Depeche Mode, Coldplay, and more. He worked with James Sanger on a radio campaign Producer for Keane 'Hopes and Fears'. After this also became associated with Phil Collins and Led Zeppelin on some records and via promoting.  Liam planning on extra help and advice from Jud Friedman writer of Whitney Houstons 'Run To You'. Golder got to work on a re-release of Linkin Parks song Catylyst a Chart hit for the band.

Liam/Silent Machines gets recognised by Michael Neely who was A & R for Def Jam and is featured on Poze Radio and Productions with tracks 'That Girl' and 'Every time We Meet' plus a video promotion of 'She's Everywhere Now'.

Liam worked and promoted Paradise music and there million selling catalogue of music many years ago. He also works with Kult Records on TV placements they have been associated with REM, Boy George, and Pete Tong. Liam came across the man who discovered Elton John and his songwriting partner and has since put TV placements across via this channel.

Working with Crumbs Music on TV placements and founder Ray Williams who discovered Elton John and introduced him to his Hit Songwriter.

Sound Souls working with ex-The Shamen Singer Cheryl Melder on some new tracks and work with DJ Rectangle and his Management in Australia who also knows The Stylistics team. His track 'Airtight' reproduced by Paul Page who also worked with Roxy music/Bryan Ferry, Suzi Quatro and Dr Feelgood. The track was then pinned by a TV company Pipe Fish Media who offered Golder two sponsorship deals by Sport Companies Ripcurl and O'Neil's. As a result 3.5 million copies of 'Airtight' was released on a sports DVD. SKY TV and Channel 4 also came on-board and was featuring the track. Soon after Gordon Raphael Producer and founder of 'The Strokes' came along and offered Golder to release the track yet again saying Golder 'Had a cool look and claiming he had to admit there was something charming in his pretty songs'. As well as this offering a 2 week tour with 'The Buzzcocks'. Golder spent time with a member of the Damned and also guitarist for Billy Idol. Liam met Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac and they had around 3 separate conversations all about music and the track Albatross. 

Liam met John Summerton of famous band 'Flintlock' who had a number 1 in Japan and a UK hit at no 31. John is still Liam's Record Producer today and they have worked on over 40 records together.  John now performs as lead Singer/Guitarist for The Rubettes who also have sold over 3 million records and still going. John showed a keen interest in performing Silent Machines track' That Girl'. Liam now producing and sings on a new project Sound Souls with new material due out this year in the dance genre. He gets advice from Chicane Manager and Producer for them and Bryan Adams. He has also put some production on a new track to be released 'Lost In Thinking'. Liam wrote a track with Akil Wingate who later went on to perform some songs with Robert M and David Guetta. Liam worked with music from Producer and chart topper Roll Deep-Greenlight.

J-P Jarvinen from Finland is one of Liam's best friends and also bandmates for Sound Souls and Silent Machines, one of the tracks from J-P Track Composed by Russian Hit writer and Houred artist Viktor Drobysh and performed by Liam Golder was pinned for Russia Eurovision originally Natalia Podolskaya won selling over a million copies plus 5 other songs all got into Eurovision finals. Also co-written by Mary Susan Applegate writer for Jennifer Rush Power Of Love, No Mercy Please Don't Go, linked with Celion Dion and Air Supply. The track also made no 60 in Russian Radio Chart. 

Golder's interest in radio and music exposure led him to setting up his own Music Development company hence how Song Heroes Music PR was born. 15 years later still going strong and working with so many great signed and unsigned acts. It was a conscious decision to help others get there music out there to a wider audience. Initially Golder worked on a record by Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order. Shortly after working with Tymon Dogg of The Clash and of Joe Strummer and The Mascaleros on 3 tracks. Liam Promoted Inspiral Carpets frontman in London his other band The Fall. Working with Griff known as DMG and his track with Drake that was un-released.

Other acts has since worked and associated with include Snoop Dogg, Chris Stapleton/Adele, Tito Jackson, A1, Scouting For Girls, Billy Idol, David Guetta, Diane Warren and much more. During a radio show Liam met Bobby Kimble of the band Toto who sang 'Africa' and got some great music and songwriting advice. Liam worked with unsigned band Lahayna who helped push them forward with a top 33 chart position in the UK charts beating a re-release of Led Zeppelins 'Stairway to Heaven'. Liam got credited by Roger Walter of Pink Floyd and the band on his own for several months. Golder also got to perform live with Van Morrison's drummer after meeting at a Rock School event. Worked later on a track by John Holt and made contacts with Mananger of Stone Temple Pilots and Manager of Incubus who will be guiding Silent Machines forward.

Golder created the act 'Silent Machines' meaning 'To be Heard' and the act quickly took off now with Zevo TV constantly playing the tracks 'A Thousand Stars' and 'Oblivion'. ABC and Fox TV also regular feature Golder and his music including 500 TV stations. PlayStation, Puma, Nike, Addidas, NFL, and NBC Sports also have praised his songs. Another act created by Golder Mighty Eighty also continues to build on radio and TV. 
Liam has promoted two more I-tune successes with Kingly T and Tyra Juliette song at no 88 on ITunes which has charted in the top 40 now as Tyra has done vocals with Jeff Lynne/Elo and Ed Sheeran plus Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. The other ITune chart success was with Narelle at no 45 as Liam has provided radio spins.

Liam Golder featured with Silent Machines and an interview at MTVRocks with song' Everytime We Meet'. Pinned a track with Rick Hammond, Jim Hayslett, for Reverent Cavaliers track- Candy Coated Dreams at Canadian Chart downlaod NO 2 Position the band have had over 80 Radio Chart successes.

Liam got offered two song deals with Universal music on tracks 'Somersaults' and 'A Thousand Stars'.  But Golder loves the Independent music scene. He continues to promote his songs via The Orchard/Sony and with Universal Music distribution.
Despite his work schedule he still runs Song Heroes Music PR and continues to help talent succeed and make a difference to the ever exciting world of music. Liam Edward Golder will be releasing new tracks later this year.

Keep enjoying music lets get promoting hard and effectively!