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    Silent Machines
    Welcome to successful rock act Silent Machines by Liam Golder. Currently selling music via this site and with New E,p due out ' Rising Above The Storms' also singles available including new songs, Soul Angel, Small Monsters and more.
  2. Song Heroes Music PR
    Song Heroes Music PR
    Song Heroes Music was set up to support a selection of acts with different music/instrumentals included by promotion to radio, tv, labels, media, gigs, and other PR platforms such as youtube, soundcloud, facebook, and twitter. Music and radio packages from £99 to £160.
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    Breaking the Barriers
    The Independent Management has been introduced to support the Music PR excel to a greater level within todays competitive and exciting Music Industry. It works by promoting various music, 80's, Hip hop, rock, and all genres by getting results on a massive level.
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Interview with the very talented Griff! 

Artist  Griff The Great aka DCG
Real Name Griff Acheampong
Born May 10th 1982, Griff grew up in the projects of downtown Toronto, Regent Park and moved to the city of North York in 1992. His older sister use to play many records of different artist such as U2, Tears for fears, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Sting and the Miracles, when he was just at the age of four. In 1997 Griff’s older sister passed away due to a bad virus that affected the entire body.  By the age of 15, Griff was inspired to write songs relating to his surroundings. At the Age of 21 DCG began recording for the very first time in the studio. Engineers and fellow artist were impressed by DCG’s writing abilities. He was doing music as a source of entertainment until he lost both his parents to health reasons his dad in 2007 to a stroke and mother to cancer in beginning 2009. That is when DCG aka Griff has decided to pursue his dream by becoming a recording artist. He has now taking his town and the international markets by storm as an upcoming artist with original flow distinctive sound, style, and versatility. He is not afraid to experiment with genres ranging from Hip Hop, Funk, Pop, R&B and Techno. Some people may refer to DCG as the people pleaser, since he creates music for a wide range audience to enjoy.

1] Griff please tell us about your music how it started and your influences?

I always enjoyed music since the age of 4, my older sister used to play records from U2, Duran Duran, Sting, and Michael Jackson.
A lot of my influences in music were from the 80's New Wave era. Being born in Canada a country so diverse, you're exposed to all kinds of genres of music. When I was 15 I was more exposed to rap.
My friends use to come over to my place and record over instrumentals on the karaoke machine just for fun. I never took part
until my mentors Promise,  and Prestege encouraged me to start writing and record with them, getting me out of my comfort zone. Since then, I always enjoyed writing music which later
transfered into producing beats for other indie artists  and I was later on introduced to a up coming artist as most people know as Drake, from my mentor Promised that had a great relationship with him. Drake
was just starting out at the time as a musician but was known to some as Jimmy from the TV show "The Grassi"
I sent a number of beats to Drake for him to use which he did not end up using and I decided to become a recording artist myself and record over my own beats. 
I then met a audio engineer by the name T.J who was also in a band called "Secret Suburbia". I had all these lyrics and no idea of what I was doing in the
studio and  T.J, encouraged me to keep going and be myself and no one else when recording vocals. Promise also gave advice of just listening to artists like Jay-z, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, DMX
to establish a flow, since it was something I struggled with. Drake  gave encouragement when he heard improvement in my flow  and also featured  on my first ever featured song called titled " This World" He was just starting out in the industry around the same time I was. The song also featured my mentor Promise and Nifty. The track quality was not the greatest as it was a rough recording but Promise and Nifty were considered the two strongest artists on the song at the time. I guess you can say now the rest is history

2] Where can fans and followers buy your music?

My music is available on I Tunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all major online stores.

3] Wow that is amazing- it is important for people to support independent music right?

Totally agree! Independent artist promote, create and make music from the heart. It's
not influenced by  a major label executive. What you see is what you get.

​4] What is your music message to the fans?

My message is to stay true to yourself! Don't let other people influence you on what you like or may not like.
New music is on the way.

5] In your music experience what advice would you give to a up and coming musician?

There is one method I like call the 3 P's Persistance, Patience and Passion. You can never give up your dream if you're passionate about it.
Stay persistance when it comes to your craft. Fame may not happen in a few months or few years but it will happen if you're patience. I also 
advise to focus on your strenghts and have others help you in areas that is not much strengths. Get a team of people you can trust and believe in you because
it's not easy doing it alone.

​6] Please tell us about your biggest music experience and how it made an impact on others?

I had a number of big music experiences but the most memorable was when my album " Let Me Explain"
made the grammy Ballot. I got votes but unfortunately, not enough to make the final nominees. The impact was
big because it showed not only indie artists but fans, without a marketing team how far I could take the music.

7] I know you are a positive and inspirational person-what is your most inspiring message to the followers?

Success is all a mindset. It does not matter where you grow up, race or gender, we all have the ability to succeed.
As long as you know what you want, you can get it. If  you're hungry you always find a way to eat. Same way we
need to treat our goals.

8] If you could explain one key to your current success?

One key word I would say is belief! Not having a doubt in your mind and having belief that your good enough, is key!
One way or another, your belief will take you far.

9] What are your long-term plans in music?

That is a good question. I would love to start touring and having more concerts. The ultimate plan would be signing
more artist to my indie label "Life Style Ent Records"

10] For you as an act what is
the most important thing that you want to achieve to help others through your music? 

I would like to achieve international status and provide motivation through my music. We live in a world with so much
negativity so it's important to achieve a certain status to show others anything is possible. 

11]By buying and following your music the fans are supporting your career how is this is so important?

This is very important in the case that when you do anything independent, the fans are key. They can lift you up
and  show support all by sharing the music. Fans can help put you in the eyes of the public.

12] please tell us your final dedications to the fans! 

My current album I am working on, I say with confidence you will find a song on there you will enjoy.

Please check out Griff and support his music: